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Iterisk™, First-Of-Its-Kind Veteran-Owned Risk Consulting Company, Opens Its Doors

Iterisk™ (a-tear-risk) is the first-of-its kind veteran-owned, risk consulting company that provides an integrated risk management solution for clients in a wide-range of industries. As a diverse partner, Iterisk will work with a business through their supply chain, operations, and asset lifecycle, providing the client a full risk assessment, while working as a collaborator and extension of their staff to identify opportunities around performance optimization for their organization. Their team of industry specialists focus on integrating the latest technology advances and data into a clients’ risk profile to ensure increased operational efficiency, stakeholder transparency, and business success.

What sets Iterisk apart from the competition is the diverse backgrounds and industry knowledge its team brings to the table – military, female, minority and risk advocates with over 75+ years combined risk and insurance experience – along with its interconnected network of partnerships. With these combined capabilities, Iterisk helps clients build their own real-time Risk “Smart Hub” that allows them to make better, informed risk decisions and supports their existing systems for logistics, risk assessment, and crises response. Iterisk’s network of partners includes:

Global Logistics

  • OrionOne: Assets, Stakeholders & Shipment
  • BETC id: Compliance

Enterprise Assessment

  • Global Business Consultants: International Trade
  • Grand Canyon Development Partners: Development
  • Client’s Preferred Broker or Iterisk Referral: Insurer Interface, Execution, & Systems

Risk Engineering

  • OrionOne: Real-Time Crisis Response
  • Espior, LLC: Dispute Resolution
  • Miyamoto International: Structural Engineering and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Barragan Corp. International: Safety, Technology, and Covid 19 crisis management

Smart Mobility

  • Munich Re: Insights, Technology, & Fleet Safety

“The Iterisk team is thrilled to be a newly, diverse player in the risk and insurance marketplace. I could not be prouder of the experienced team of risk advocates we have assembled”, Derick Hembd, Owner, Iterisk. “Our promise to our clients is to work long-term through the asset lifecycle as a direct extension to their overall team, diving deep into their risk profile, and measuring its resources and financial contribution to their overall investment strategy”, Lori Robinett, Managing Partner, Iterisk. ” We are passionate about risk and insurance and value each client relationship and are excited to get to know our clients, their operations and risk story to better serve and help protect their business”.


About Iterisk

Iterisk™ is a Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise with an expert team with over 75+ years of discipline committed to providing commercial risk stakeholders a forum to capitalize on partnerships, investment strategy and business continuity planning. To learn more, visit

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